Ideal Protein Newsletter: February 2013

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February 2013

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A New You for the New Year
It’s Never Too Late to Start

This is the time of year when you or someone you know has fallen off the wagon with their New Year’s Resolutions. Intentions to follow new fitness and nutrition plans have failed. You or your friends and loved ones just couldn’t find the time to get to the gym for all that exercise. The ‘I can do this by myself’ diet plan was boring, complicated, or too time-consuming. The holiday pounds haven’t come off yet and maybe you’ve even gained a few more.

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Emotional Eating
Does a spat with your spouse send you straight to the pantry for a handful of chocolate chips?

Does a stressful morning at work have you heading for the nearest take-out for French fries?
Do you turn to a bowl of bread pudding or mac n’cheese for comfort in sad times?
Sometimes, I feel compelled to eat, not out of hunger, but out of anger, anxiety, sadness, or stress. In a perfect world, we could just stop eating our feelings.
We’d do some deep and difficult soul searching to discover and resolve all the issues and habits in our pasts that have led us to run for the fridge every time we have a strong emotion.
The reality is that my world’s not that perfect and I’m betting yours isn’t either.
So let’s look at some healthier ways to handle emotional eating.

The craving: It’s natural to reach for something crunchy or salty. It’s a basic animal instinct to bare teeth and clench jaws when feeling angry or threatened.
The healthy-food swap: Clenching and unclenching your jaw can help release some tension, so try a healthy alternative like celery, bell pepper sticks or raw broccoli & cauliflower with a little Walden’s dressing to dip with.
The eating alternative: While you may be tempted to complain to a pal to let off steam, be careful you’re not extending the vent to an all-day rant. Research shows that venting can sometimes make you dwell more, not less. Instead, find a release. Distract yourself with another activity to get your mind off what’s bothering you, such as taking a brisk walk to work off some adrenaline. After some fresh air and exercise, you’ll likely find you’re able to think more clearly and find a solution to the problem.

The craving: Ice cream, usually right out of the carton is the stereotypical chick flick break-up soother. If the family’s away or a friend has cancelled plans we looked forward to, we’re drawn to drown our sorrows in a pint of the cold stuff. It may be because dairy has calming, sedative properties. An ice cream binge doesn’t kick the loneliness, & the guilt that follows just isn’t worth it.
The healthy-food swap: For Phase 4, reach for Greek yogurt. Phases 1-3 will have to stretch a little here. Whip up an IP Pudding. You can enjoy it as is, add more water for a ‘milkshake’, or freeze it for an iced treat. All Phases will get the comforting creaminess, and also the added benefit of energizing protein and less sugar, which keeps glucose levels steady, all which will help to improve your mood.
The eating alternative: We just can’t make food our primary relationship, so the only cure for loneliness is to find connection. If it’s 2 a.m. and you can’t call a friend, open the computer and catch up on what everyone is doing via social media like Facebook & Twitter. In the light of day, consider finding a volunteer organization that is meaningful to you.
Reaching out to others is tremendously fulfilling (for you & them).

The craving
: A day without plans might be relaxing, but too much downtime can leave you bored, drawing you to mindless munching on popcorn, chips, or bite-size candies.
The healthy-food swap: Try eating something with a dash of spicy pepper to keep your taste buds busy. It can wake up all of your senses so you’re not zoning out. Or pop a piece of sugar-free gum in your mouth. Consciously delaying the mindless munching can give you enough time to distract yourself, and for the urge to pass.
The eating alternative: In our current day, with constant texting and social media browsing, it’s hard to have a quiet moment without feeling the need to fill it in with an activity. Eating is entertaining and fills gaps in time. Instead of trying to entertain yourself in every single empty moment, close your eyes, let your body completely relax, and simply stay still. Ask yourself, is there some unfulfilled dream or passion you might be stopping yourself from trying? Instead of eating, take steps to start working on it.

The craving
: Chocolate bar looking like a good companion to your feelings? The chemical properties of chocolate give us a little emotional buzz by releasing feel-good chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin. Sugary chocolate is not just a bad diet choice, it also contains caffeine, which can increase anxiety; clearly counterproductive.
The healthy-food swap: Instead of plowing through an entire plate of brownies, make an IP chocolate pudding or grab IP Choco Soy Puffs, a Chocolate Raspberry, Milk Chocolate, or Double Chocolate Bar. Cool foods such as IP drinks frozen to slushy consistency, or into popsicles can also be a calming alternative.
The eating alternative: When you’re anxious, your body moves into panic mode. Your heart beats faster and breathing quickens. Yoga can help by settling your thoughts and naturally slowing an increased heart rate so you can bring back a more rational frame of mind. The next time you’re anxious, try spending a few minutes deep breathing in child’s pose to channel instant stillness and peace.

The craving
: Comfort food like mac n’cheese and mashed potatoes & gravy from childhood brings back happy memories, so you turn to it for reassurance when feeling sad.
The healthy-food swap: Instead of reaching for traditional comfort foods, try steamed cauliflower mashed with a tablespoon of olive oil & herbs of your choice. A steaming bowl of homemade soup (sans the noodles of course) or a tall mug of richly flavoured tea can go a long way in soothing sadness.
The eating alternative: Grab your old photo albums and relive happy memories. Researchers in the United Kingdom found that people’s moods rose more after looking at personal photos than either eating a chocolate snack, sipping an alcoholic drink, watching TV, or listening to music.

The craving
: When you’re stressed, your body releases a flood of cortisol, the fight-or-flight hormone, which makes you crave carb-rich foods like French fries, cakes or cookies.
The healthy-food swap: Foods that regulate your blood sugar are a must when you’re stressed out. Any of the IP bars, soy puffs, or cookie, or chips are a great choice here, helping to level your hormones and restore balance to your mind. And again, a cup of tea. Studies have shown that a soothing cup of black tea can reduce cortisol levels by 47 percent.
The eating alternative: Replace food with activities that naturally reduce your cortisol levels, such having a massage, or doing gentle yoga.

The craving
: Happy times make us want to celebrate. Sometimes that triggers us to reach for flavors linked with celebrations, such as cupcakes, apple pie, and ice cream, because our brains associate them with joyful times.
The healthy-food swap: Instead of devouring a container of cupcakes, have a serving of frozen IP pudding topped with a portion of crushed IP bar or puffs. You’ll associate the colors and taste with a party, and hold onto that festive feeling, keeping your weight and health intact.
The eating alternative: Emotional eating isn’t just about trying to deal with (or bury) negative feelings. Sometimes we reach for food to try to hold onto feelings, like happiness, for longer. Try to find alternative ways to remain blissed out, such as calling, or visiting friends to share the good times in your life.

I hope these ideas have armed you with a few ideas to help manage those times when food seems like an instant solution.  Once you’ve implemented some of these strategies, you might be more inclined to take time for that soul searching.  If you are willing, reading Women, Food, & God by Geneen Roth may be a good place to start.
(This article was inspired by ‘How to Finally Halt Emotional Eating by Holly Corbett, Redbook)

Recipes of the Month
Valentine ‘Fettuccine’ for Two
(Phase 1 Friendly)
Prepare all ingredients prior to cooking.
Put oven rack in highest position. Set oven control to broil.
In medium bowl, mix 1Tbsp grated lemon peel, 3Tbsp lemon juice, 3/4tsp crushed red pepper flakes, 1/2tsp sea salt, 2 cloves finely chopped garlic, & 1Tbsp olive oil. Remove shells and devein 1lb fresh (or defrosted) shrimp. If using frozen shrimp, pat dry before next step. Add shrimp to bowl & toss to coat. Spread shrimp in ungreased 15x10x1 pan. Set aside.
In food processor, place 1/2C loosely packed fresh basil leaves & 1Tbsp olive oil. Process until chopped. Add 1/2C Walden’s Mayonnaise. Process until smooth. Set aside.
2 large zucchini – use vegetable peeler to peel into ribbons, stopping at seed core. Gently toss with a little olive oil, sea salt (or pink Himalayan salt), and pepper. Heat large sauté pan to medium high. Place zucchini ribbons in pan and sauté until just tender. At the same time, put shrimp pan in oven. Broil 3-5 minutes, until shrimp are pink. Remove shrimp from oven and add to sauté pan with zucchini ribbons. Add basil mayonnaise to taste. Serve immediately.

IP Recipe of the Month
Chocolate Decadence
(Phase 1 Friendly)
Fill shaker with 180mL water, no more. Add 2 envelopes IP Chocolate Drink. Shake until smooth and divide in 2 desert bowls. Chill in refrigerator for 40minutes. Chop ½ IP Chocolate Raspberry Bar. Top each bowl with ½ of the chopped bar. Savour with a small spoon.
Note:  This is the chocolatiest combination, but feel free to top with IP bar of your choice

Phase 4 Lifetime Support
The dedicated people at Ideal Protein have designed a new Power Point presentation to help you maintain your ideal weight. It’s full of valuable information that will really help you understand how to live Phase 4 successfully. I’d love to share it with you! Call the clinic 905-426-7690 or email I can send you the Power Point or even better, book an appointment to view the presentation and see what else is new with Ideal Protein at Total Rehab.

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