Ideal Protein Newsletter: July 2012

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July 2012

What’s New?
Our next Workshop is Tuesday July 17, 2012 7:30-8:30pm
Bring a friend and join us to learn about the program and
Enjoy samples of Ideal Protein Foods!

Coming Soon
Vanilla Crispy Squares

Having a Hungry Day?
Take that herbal tea hot.
A hot, flavourful drink will sooth you, curb your hunger and satisfy your taste buds.

Surf N’Turf BBQ Party! – Oh, Yes You Can!
from Deborah’s kitchen and Phase 1 Friendly
(July 2012 recipes attached here)

Festive water combos (June newsletter)
Iced herbal Teas

Kale Chips*
Devilled Eggs*
Raw Vegetable Platter
(with Walden’s Bacon Ranch & Honey Mustard Dressing as dips)
Dill Pickles

Main & Sides
Marinated Steaks with Sauteed Mushrooms*
Shrimp & Pepper Kabobs*
Salad with lemon &herbs*
Grilled Vegetables (June Newsletter)
Turnip Fries*

Tofu Egg Custard*
Ideal Protein Popsicles made with your favourite IP fruit drinks

Ideal Protein Recipe of the Month
Trail Mix
Great idea to pack along for a summer outing!
Empty packets of your favourite IP snacks into separate bowls.
Count out equal amounts into baggies for a flavour packed snack.

Chocolate Soy Puffs & Peanut Soy Puffs
Lemon Soy Puffs with Apple Cinnamon Soy Puffs
BBQ Chips with Southwest Cheese Curls
Make up your own combination of Soy Puffs/Chips/Soy Nuts/Bar pieces
Rule of thumb: Number of packets used = Number of Baggies of treat combos
Weather warning: Yummy coatings of bars and soy puffs will melt in hot weather.
If taking on outing, keep in cooler.

Drink Up!
Did you know that Herbal Teas count towards your water intake?
On a hot day, try having your favourite herbal tea, iced.
Throw in a slice of lemon or lime, or even a sprig of mint, basil, or lavender for a change of flavour. You’ll feel festive and pampered, a real treat!

Sucralose: Friend or Foe
(Sucralose: Friend or Foe artlice attached here)

Phase 4 Lifetime Support
You are welcome and encouraged to come back for individual consults, weekly support groups, or monthly Workshop, whenever you like.

In fact, it is recommended that we all repeat Phase 1, for 2 weeks annually, to reset the pancreas and drop the few extra pounds we may have gained

In Next Month’s Issue
More Summer BBQ Recipes
Is it Still ok to Cook with Olive Oil?

Contact Us
Let us know what you’d like to see in future newsletters and weekly meetings.
Send in your Ideal Protein recipes and tips.

Register for our next Workshop, Tuesday July 17, 2012 7:30-8:30

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