The Team

Readers' Choice AwardsThe team at Total Rehab Orthopedic & Athletic Medicine is compiled of a dedicated group of highly trained health care providers and office support staff. We are all proud to be a part of a great team of people who work hard to keep you on your road to recovery.

Alfred Magar, Registered Physiotherapist
Katharine Love, Certified Athletic Therapist
Corey Hafner, BA (Hons), MScPT
Dr. Ayla Azad, Chiropractor
Dr. Maria Gatti, Chiropractor
Dr. Kevin Medland, Chiropractor
Dr. Maathavan Thillai, DC, C Ped. Tech
Jaemi Cain, Registered Massage Therapist
Sam Kim, Registered Massage Therapist
Richard Wong, Registered Massage Therapist
Jackie Rhodes, Office Manager
Patti Thompson, Administrative Assistant
Donna Rains, Administrative Assistant
Jada Singh, Administrative Assistant