Athletic Therapy

Athletic TherapyAthletic Therapy

Athletic therapists assess and treat individuals with musculoskeletal injuries, which may include injuries to muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bones. Injuries resulting from recreational activities, training or due to repetitive work patterns would all benefit from a treatment program offered by an athletic therapist.

An athletic therapist will provide a thorough assessment and treatment plan for the injury using manual therapy, modalities, stretching, strengthening, pelvic stabilization, postural re-education and support taping techniques. This approach to injury management will enhance healing and help prevent further injury.

Athletic therapists are required to complete a minimum of four years in an accredited university and then three years in an approved Certified Athletic Therapy AssociationĀ  program. They also need to complete national certification exams before entering into practice.

Extended health care plans may provide full or partial coverage. When inquiring with your insurance company, you must specifically ask if your plan covers treatment from a Certified Athletic Therapist. Katharine Love is our Certified Athletic Therapist.

For more information on Athletic Therapy please visit:
Ontario Athletic Therapy AssociationĀ